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Choosing Crumble by Michael Rosen.

A book review by Holly, Nikola, Alfie, Lewis and Marcus.

This book is about a little girl and her mum, they went to the pet shop to buy a dog and the dogs name was Apple Crumble and he was fussy.

Apple Crumble asked the little girl and her mum questions about how old she is and lots of other questions.

We like the book because it has a chatty style and its funny and its got amazing punctuation.

We don’t really like the book because Apple Crumble is a bit too fussy.

The ending is great because Mum and the girl get the dog and all went home together.

***** out of *****

Choosing Crumble by Michael Rosen.

A book review by Sarah, Megan, Anya and Ciara.

When Terri- Lee goes to the pet shop she doesn’t expect the dog to be choosing her! However Crumble is no ordinary dog, he is extremely fussy and asks his future owner lots and lots of questions.

We like the part when Crumble looked in the mirror and asked if he looked scruffy. He likes to make sure he always looks good!

We also like the authors use of punctuation, however we think their is too much pictures and not enough sentences. There was also not very many WOW words.

*** out of *****



Primary 4 have thoroughly enjoyed reading their group readers. They have worked in small groups and created book reviews, which they have uploaded themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them.


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